Nicole always had a heart for dogs, walking and training the neighborhood dogs when she grew up in Switzerland. After she came to the United States, she rescued a Shar Pei/Ridgeback mix, an unusual dog who led her into different aspects of dog training. Going through an internship at a local dog training school, she quickly became a full time trainer and eventually master trainer for a K9 training school in California, training working dogs for detection and protection for the police and private companies, teaching handler seminars and working with pet owners in group and individual classes. While working a lot with rescue dogs, she learned to work with reactive and aggressive dogs. She has trained numerous detection K9s for both public and private sector.

Her passion is the Search and Rescue training with the Orange County FEMA taskforce, working her Malinois Frida and training Schutzhund. She is a member of the Southern California Schutzhund Club, where she trains her dogs and serves as Secretary. Nicole also teaches K9 Nose Work classes and is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI).

Contact: nicole@rocksolidk9.com


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